Ronnie Serr, Alphabet House, Inc.

Ronnie Serr

I am a full-stack web developer turned Zoho consultant

Deluge Tutor

Deluge is the scripting language that lets you customize Zoho applications
  • Learn how to use Deluge to automate your business processes
  • Better understand, debug and enhance your own code
  • Refactor your code for greater readability, flexibility and scalability

Zoho One Architecture

Zoho One is a subscription plan that includes most Zoho applications
  • What are the best application choices for your business
  • Learn how to configure Zoho applications that best suit your requirements
  • Explore the integration options between Zoho and third party applications

Custom Development

  • Custom workflows for most Zoho applications
  • Custom Applications in Zoho Creator
  • Widgets for select Zoho applications
  • Full-stack standalone web applications

My goal is to empower you and your team to own your Zoho.

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Zoho Advanced Partner
Zoho Advanced Partner
Zoho Creator Certified Developer
Zoho Creator Solution Provider
FileMaker 17 Certified Developer

Database Development

The data structure of a solution is its foundation. FileMaker Pro, MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB. I'm comfortable around Unix, Mac and Windows servers, shell programming, repository management and code sharing Github.

Front-End Web Development

In the age of mobile computing, Single Page Applications offer the best performance and most elegant interfaces. HTML, CSS, JavaScript. API integration. I'm planning to dive into Progressive Web Applications.

Data Integration

API First approach enables a data infrastructure that allows for flexibility, scalability and performance. Zapier, Zoho Flow offer useful automation flows. I built API servers from scratch in PHP. I have worked in Node.js, Node RED. Integrated Twilio, payment and shipment systems.

Cloud Migration

Migration of local data systems to the cloud presents multiple challenges in data structure, data integrity, data hygiene, workflow efficiency and future integrations. I have spent much time migrating legacy data systems to Zendesk and to Zoho CRM and Zoho Finance.


Create custom apps, workflows and extensions to integrated solutions. Zendesk Apps and custom forms. Zoho CRM, Zoho Creator, Zoho Flow. In the past, I have worked extensively in Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla, including plugin development.

Technical Project Management

Breaking down assignments into manageable and testable chunks. Converting confusion and data chaos into more order and clarity. Representing complexity visually through charts. Bridging between managers, administrators and technical experts to make for better team interactions.

Highly self-sufficient – and a fully cooperative team member


Can take a loosely defined projects and run with them independently.
Happy to collaborate with multiple team members on specific tasks.

Deep learner and problem solver


Love to understand how things work at the root.
Can master a platform's documentation and apply it.

Comprehensive understanding of business requirements and processes


Invest in discovery, background and objectives.
Focus always on the main objective.

Reliable, responsible and trustworthy


Committed to the project at hand.
Value simple decency and productive teamwork.

A good and ongoing grasp of the advances in web technology and the API ecosystem


I spend a day or two per week to keeping updated in many areas.
Currently exploring IoT, cloud computing especially serverless functions, blockchain technology and conversational bots.

Strong analytical, documentation and reporting skills


Verbal and written communication fluency.
Focused on clarity, precision and usability.

Seriously technical and detail oriented


Fascinated by under the hood intricacies.
Presenting complexity in a simple and comprehensible way.

Major strength: Long term, complex assignments


Intrigued by the complexity and inner connections of data flows
Serving accounts for many years:
Specified Technology -- 18 years, DuMOL -- 12 years, Sauer Properties -- 12 years.

Migration to Zoho

DuMOL Winery

2016 - 2018

Served as a Technical Lead on a migration from a home-grown FileMaker solution, to Zoho CRM, Zoho Finance and VineSpring eCommerce platform.

Migration to Zendesk

Specialized Technologies (STI Firestop)

2015 - 2016

Migrated a proprietary support management system into Zendesk.

UL System Search & Submittal Builder

Specialized Technologies (STI Firestop)

2000 - 2006, 2014 - 2017

The UL-System search provides a progressive system. The Submittal Builder lets the users select a number of UL Systems with data and safety sheets into one PDF document.

STI Access

Specialized Technologies (STI Firestop)

2015 - 2017

A company-wide user entry and dashboard, including internal authentication of employees via LDAP, instant, daily and weekly notifications for sales and regional managers, submittal history and Zendesk ticket integration.

Residential Real Estate Management System

Sauer Properties

2013 -

Help restructure data entities on FileMaker Pro database solution that runs the business. Improve input screens, income and expense reports. Automate billing and renter communication via Twilio messaging.

FMDiSC Presentations

FileMaker Discussion Group of Southern California

2013 - 2018

Presentations on FileMaker-related topics, including

  • 2015 FileMaker Telephony Integration via Twilio
  • 2016 FileMaker Recursive Functions
  • 2016 FileMaker Visual Reporting
  • 2017 FileMaker Speaks Cloud: IoT
  • 2017 FileMaker Speaks Cloud: Webhooks
  • 2017 FileMaker Speaks Cloud: Consuming API's
  • 2018 Blockchain Technology: FileMaker Examples

Integration of Medical Test Reports

Norton Medical Industries

2016 - 2017

Set up webhook listeners for automatically recording medical test results in FileMaker. Using SOAP Webservices and PHP.

Broadcast SMS

Ramapo Camps


Set up broadcast SMS services for a summer camp to update parents with bus schedules through CDyne. Web service integrated with FileMaker.

AAAASF Statistics Reporter

Association for the Accreditation of Surgical Facilities

Development work: 2009 - 2011

  • AAAASF Statistics Reporter, a FileMaker Pro solution that provides detailed analysis of data collected by AAAASF web peer review program.
  • AAAASF Investigative Committee Case Manager FileMaker solution
  • RA/OPT Web Review FileMaker solution